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Welcome to the Junior Storm!

    COVID-19 Restrictions

    Updated: 9-14-2020

    The following list are the restrictions from the arena and TYIHA. Questions? Contact us:

    • Parents are not allowed inside the building
      • Only players, coaches are allowed
      • If a player needs help with skates please ask a coach. If needed, go into the building, help and leave
      • Limited number of board members allowed for stick & pucks only
    • All participants must wear a mask while inside the building and in parking lots
      • Masks are not required while players and coaches are on the ice 
    • Locker rooms are closed
      • Encouraged to dress at home, in the car or in the parking lot 
      • Players and coaches may put skates and helmets on in the hallway downstairs or in a limited number of seats in the first row of the arena bowl
    • Water fountains are closed
      • Everyone should bring their own water bottle clearly marked with their name
        • Coaches are not allowed to provide water bottles
    • Arrival time should be no more than 20 minutes before scheduled time
      • Exception: being outside is acceptable. Teams may meet outside in the parking lot for off-ice and/or team meetings if they wish. Respect social distancing 

    New to Hockey???

    We'd love to have you join our youth hockey program.  We have players from 3 to 18 years old throughout our association.  We offer competitive travel teams as well as a recreational house league. 

    For players who are new to hockey, we offer our Learn 2 Play (L2P) program which allows you to try hockey with minimal out-of-pocket costs. Plus, we loan the necessary gear to you!  Following completion of L2P we will place you into the age appropriate level. 

    If you'd like to learn more, check out our Parent's Corner as well as our About page.  Feel free to sign up for our Newsletter, and don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!

    If you'd like to donate funds to youth hockey, click the donate button below. Your donation will go directly to decreasing fees for all of our house players.

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