Register as a Referee

Step 1: (New Officials Only) Fill out the Form Below Expand

By filling out the form below you will be added to the referee database and you will get all communication from our Director of Referees, Chelsie Palu. If you have any questions please email Chelsie.

Note: previous officiating experience is not required.

Note: per the MidWest Affiliate of USA Hockey, all referees must be 14 years old, or must turn 14 during the season.

> Email Chelsie

Step 2: Register with USA Hockey Expand

Register online with USA Hockey and get your referee number. This must be completed each year. The cost is varies per level, and you will be reimbursed by the association after you officiate five games.

> Register

Step 3: Submit your USA Hockey Registration Expand

Forward your USA Hockey registration confirmation email to: and This let’s Chelsie know you started the registration process.

Step 4: Create your Profile with USA Hockey Expand

All referees will need to create a profile page with USA Hockey. Within your profile you will able to see your registration status, and it has links to everything you need to complete.

Create your profile:

Step 5: Complete USA Hockey’s SafeSport Program Expand

SafeSport training is required of all officials who are a 2004 Birth Year or older at the beginning of the registration season.

SafeSport training must be completed every season to remain valid. No official will receive a USAH Officiating Card and Crest until the SafeSport training requirement is met.

First time SafeSport Core Training generally takes about 90 minutes to complete. Refresher Training will take 20 – 30 minutes to complete.

Training can be completed in one day, or the official may stop/resume as often as needed to complete training.

Complete SafeSport

Step 6: Complete USA Hockey’s Background Screening (if over 18) Expand

In compliance with requirements from the United States Olympic & Paralympic Committee (USOPC), USA Hockey has implemented a national level background screening policy that referees over the age of 18 must submit a background check. This has a small cost, but the association will reimburse you after five games.

> Complete Background Screening

Step 7: Complete Online Training Modules Expand

All USA Hockey Officials must complete online education module training each season. These video modules serve as supplemental educational material in support of what is covered during classroom seminars.

> Complete Online Modules

Step 8: Attend a Seminar Expand

All USA Hockey Officials must attend a seminar each season to complete their registration. Seminars can be found in-person and virtually through Zoom. First year officials are encouraged to attend an in-person seminar, but may attend a virtual one if they need to.

> Find Seminars

Step 9: Complete Open Book Exam Expand

The Open Book Exam is a teaching tool used to encourage all officials to improve knowledge of USA Hockey Playing Rules and interpretations. A hard-copy of the playing rules will be mailed to all new Officials, and to all officials during Rule Change Seasons.

In addition to the USA Hockey Rule Book, officials may access the rules online, download a PDF copy, or download the USA Hockey Rule Book app at their mobile device app store.

Note: first year officials should wait until you receive the official rule book from USA Hockey

> Complete Open Book Exam

Equipment and Official USA Hockey Referee Card and Crest Expand

Nice job! Now that all that is taken care of, you will receive your official USA Hockey referee card and jersey crest in the mail.  (Allow 2-4 weeks for delivery of the referee card and crest).

First year officials will also need to purchase the required equipment. Officials are reimbursed for these costs by the association after working five games.

  1. Hockey referee jersey (no pocket, long sleeves)
  2. Black helmet (may use your normal helmet, but a second helmet is recommended)
  3. Visor (USA Hockey requires all referees wear a protective visor on their helmet
  4. Black pants (you do not need to purchase referee pants unless you’re doing high level games. Regular black sweat pants will work just fine doing youth games). Logos cannot be visible on the pants

Recommended Equipment. The older the age level you’re working, the more you will want these.

  1. Shin pads
  2. Elbow pads
  3. Referee Girdle

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