Player Development

We put a hard focus on player development both for hockey skills and developing the players as people.

In the Summer of 2020, the Tri-City Youth Ice Hockey Association created a player development roadmap. This roadmap is designed to capture player development philosophies from the very first time a player touches the ice to the time they graduate high school.


The goal of this roadmap is to capture player development philosophies. Our aim is to have a program where each level builds on the next, and where coaches can have an expectation of what skills an incoming player will have or will have been exposed to.

View the Player Development Roadmap

Creators and Contributors:
  • Matt Nickerson | Jr. Storm Coach
  • Youth Hockey Family Advisor
  • Mario Lamoureux | Owner of Lamoureux Hockey, Professional Hockey Player,
  • Tri-City Storm Alumni, NCAA National Champion
  • Taylor Nelson | NCAA Assistant Coach, Former Tri-City Storm Assistant Coach,
  • NCAA All-American Goalie
  • Austin Gordon | Jr. Storm Coach
  • Steve Nemeth | Former Jr. Storm Coach
  • Craig Thurston | Former Jr. Storm Coach, Former Jr. Storm Coach-in-Chief
  • Kurt Schmidt | Former Jr. Storm coach
  • Bill Seibert | Former Jr. Storm Coach
  • Brad Lewis | Former Jr. Storm Coach

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